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Smart System Controllers

a rain bird sprinkler controllerThough they might not look as sleek as the latest iPhone, smart water controllers are bringing the benefits of the smart home straight to the backyard. In the world of residential sprinkler systems, these units provide unparalleled automized maintenance to your landscaping. These units parse numerous real time information such as soil moisture, gps location, weather patterns, rainfall, and more to provide your yard with the optimal amount of hydration to thrive while conserving water simultaneously.

Micro Irrigation

macro of a drip irrigation systemMicro irrigation encompasses two relatively innovative water delivery methods to maximize efficiency and precision by evenly distributing water to ground cover in close proximity to the plant's root structure. These methods are drip irrigation and misting systems. Our happy clients who have incorporated this technology into their home irrigation systems are continually surprised by the mileage they achieve with such little water usage.

Sprinkler Heads

perfectly working sprinkler head in North Miami, FLThey may seem like old technology, but these old standbys didn't let the 21st century pass them by. The sprinkler heads of today specialize in precision and can include failsafes to automatically shut off the water valve to that head if broken. Other sprinkler heads are a great way to incorporate misting and drip irrigation to your property on a budget.

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